Academic qualifications or skills and experience ? Which is better?


Adesh Chaurasia– Academic qualifications or skills

Students in India have always grown up listening to their parents, teachers and all the other elders guiding them to study hard and get good grades. Students in our country have always been told to perform well academically and focus on the theoretical aspect of the education more than anything else because that’s what fetches good results ultimately.

The idea of being academically strong and pursuing regular studies as a part of our higher education has been so dominant that only some people can realize the significance of practical skill enhancement, hands at work experience and all the things related to it.

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Exploring the road that is less traveled by people

Growing up, I never used to question the system being all about regular studies, importance of theory, etc because as a child I was always taught and trained to do it that way. But now that I know what actually happens, I am able to comprehend both sides of the story.

Given below are some of the things I have got to know after spending hours of research, survey and years of experience. Have a look:

It is okay to choose work over studies sometimes

Although, government provides correspondence study options to students in their phase of pursuing higher education, only a few believe in the authenticity of working full-time while studying side by side. Teenagers and young adults usually don’t choose to miss the college fun. However, only few possess a comparatively different mindset of working on a regular basis and studying simultaneously.

It’s absolutely right to start at a young age

Parents usually have this conservatives and protective mindset that their youngsters might end up doing inappropriate deeds if they start earning at an early age. Financial independence, in my opinion, makes an individual mature well in time and therefore, makes him value the hard earned money. Parental guidance and support, especially during the initial years at work will help the youngsters broaden their minds and perspectives.

Financial independence means overall growth

Monetary independence and financial assets that the individual earns not only helps the individual grow potentially well in an overall manner but also makes him/her responsible in economically helping the family.

Skills matter more than anything

We now live in an era where people are recruited on the basis of practical knowledge,skills and experience. The value of a degree or academic qualification is overpowered by someone who knows how to handle and tackle things on a practical and real level.

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Well, it’s not that degrees don’t hold any value in front of experience but now, the time has come when both of them are at a neck-to-neck competition. Various factors determine whether one may choose to pursue studies or work. The decision is on the individual himself/herself to make for his/her future.


Author- Adesh Chaurasia

He is an active learner, author and speaker when it comes to the subject of national development through scientific and relational ways. He presents his knowledge about his line of work in such a simple yet engrossing manner that it reaches out to the people so as to enhance their knowledge and put it to good use.

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