Advertising VS Marketing

Advertising vs Marketing

Marketing and advertising are the strategies that businesses adopt as they endeavor to meet their goals. Despite the fact that these terms are extremely common in the business world, there is still a vast majority of people who do not know the difference between marketing and advertising and think that both of these concepts are the same.

Having a grasp of these two concepts will automatically equip you with an in-depth understanding of how they are different yet related to each other.

Understanding Marketing:-

Marketing forms an integral part of a business right from the very beginning. It is a broad concept that focuses on the long term. Unlike what many people think, marketing is not just limited to promoting your brand. Marketing encompasses many elements that begin with understanding the market and being acquainted with everything about the target customers and utilizing this information to help you develop the product or service in such a way that it meets the demands of the targetted group.

Have a look at the different activities involved in the process of marketing which is often expressed as 4Ps.

1) Product: This involves developing the perfect product that effectively meets the needs of your target customers.

2) Price: A part of marketing is also to determine the price of the product.

3) Place: This means determining how your products will be acquired by your customers.

4) Promotion: This is the part where you communicate your brand’s message and your product to the customers.

Thus the most fundamental aspect of marketing without which these steps cannot be carried out is thorough research and analysis.

As I have mentioned above, a significant part of marketing is to fabricate strategies to promote your product or service among the target customers with the aim of selling it. And here comes advertising. This is the reason why most business experts call advertising a ‘subset of marketing’ and this might make it clear why in the beginning I said that marketing and advertising are linked.

Understanding Advertising:-

Advertising is a crucial way of promotion. The key purpose behind advertising is to spread the message about your brand and product to the target customers. It is aimed at persuading and attracting new customers towards your product while at the same time keeping hold of the existing ones.

Advertising can make use of different ways which include among others, print ads, ads on television, and digital ads. A good advertising campaign is one that makes use of the medium depending on the target customers. It also uses tactics specifically framed to convince them.

What are the major differences?


While marketing is aimed at building the brand, developing products, and generating leads, advertising is all about boosting sales by convincing customers and strengthening the brand image.


Some efficient strategies that brands utilize for marketing are social media marketing, website marketing, inbound marketing, and search engine optimization. However, common advertising strategies are emotional appeal, promotional advertising, and endorsements.

Processes involved:-

The processes involved in marketing are market research, analysis, development of a marketing strategy, and marketing mix (4P’s). In an advertising campaign, the basic processes are researching the target audience, setting objectives, outlining a media plan, choosing the perfect platform and method as per the budget, creating the message and graphics, and lastly measuring the success of the campaign.

Expense and Success:-

Advertising is all about the paid promotion of your product. So it is more expensive as compared to marketing. When it comes to success, it is not possible to measure the success of marketing as it is a continuous process. But on the other hand, it is of immense significance to measure the success of each advertising campaign to do better in future campaigns.

Why does knowing the differences matter?

Knowing the differences between these two important concepts will help you understand what should be your priority at a particular stage. For example, in the case of a budding business, it is futile to waste lots of money on advertising without dedicating time to properly frame a marketing plan. So understanding how marketing and advertising are different will help you move ahead step by step by analyzing your research results without jumping into anything. Lastly, you will also learn how to use both these concepts together.

I hope this blog helped to solve your doubts and gave you a clear idea.

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