Application of IOT in enhancing the healthcare system-The new age transformation


Adesh Chaurasia- Application of IOT in enhancing the healthcare system-The new age transformation

The healthcare system is one such thing that sets a line of difference between developed, under-developed and developing nations. For any country, the health of its human population carries utmost importance as it is directly linked to the richness and quality of the valuable human resource in the nation.

Then v/s now

Every country has faced a crisis in terms of healthcare solutions once in the history. Some of these crises have been deadly while others were okay enough to be handled by the governmental bodies.

Talking about India, our country has faced a lot of food crises, outbreaks of deadly diseases, mismanagement in terms of medical systems, shortage of food grains leading to severe famines, etc. in the past. Some of them have been more severe and crucial as compared to the others but all of them left grievous impacts on the population as well as the whole administrative system to cope up with.

Now, years down the lane, we should be proud to know that the scenario is drastically transformed. We have tried to overcome every scar left by such problematic times on our country and its overall growth mechanisms.

Technology as a catalyst for growth

We have started to move in the direction where technology has taken over all of our lives like a shield. No matter the field we are talking about, technology has successfully touched each one of the streams. Starting from education to entertainment and everything in between, technology is on its way to contribute in the development of every stream in an equally significant manner.

There was a time when diseases couldn’t even be diagnosed in individuals thus leading to fatal results. Such was the backwardness in the society. As innovations and new discoveries began to pop up, people started to become more aware of the new technologies which could actually help them lead a healthy and long life, they began to invest their trust and patience to learn and know these inventions better.

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This was the beginning of how technology transformed the way people looked at our healthcare system.

Walking on the path of development further, we are now a part of the era where the Internet is the ultimate refuge, supporter and fuel of almost all our everyday activities and tasks.

We don’t wake up without the internet surrounding us, nor do we sleep without it. Our life revolves around virtual mode nowadays. Now, the question is, how can the internet help us in handling and maintaining the most important aspect of our lives, the healthcare system ?

Let’s have a look at how the application of IOT has contributed in enhancing our healthcare system.

Innovation of efficient diagnostic implements

The Internet is now a part of all the latest technology machines, tools, tracking systems and monitoring mechanisms that helps in getting super efficient and quick results for all the inherent medical doubts and confusions.

Easy and effective betterment trackers

Systems that track the betterment and growth of the patients from time to time are also highly used by medical professionals nowadays. These systems not only contribute in finding the level of betterment but also indicate the cause of stagnant or slow progress in the patients’ health and well-being.

Better quality medicines and treatments

The way technology is presenting a helping hand towards the provision of best treatments to the patients is just remarkable. Not only the latest systems help our medical helpers in choosing the right medicines and treatments that would work for the patients the best but they also mark the ones that are now outdated and won’t work well anymore. Thus, saving a lot of time, effort and quality of the treatments that are provided to the patients.

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The internet can be immensely helpful if put to the right use at the right time. Thus, we must highly focus on how manual as well as technology related procedures can extract amazing results in the present as well as the future that lies ahead of us.


Author- Adesh Chaurasia

He is an active learner, author and speaker when it comes to the subject of national development through scientific and relational ways. He presents his knowledge about his line of work in such a simple yet engrossing manner that it reaches out to the people so as to enhance their knowledge and put it to good use.

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