Business and Greed-A deadly combination

Business and Greed-A deadly combination

Adesh Chaurasia- Business and Greed

Greed seeks to take its fair share & and a bit more. It is not concerned about giving but receiving. It is not only related to money, but everything else. Let’s see with a few examples; An example of greedy people is those who have abundant resources and not only do not share them but also seek to spend the resources of others. They resent having to share what they have.

For example, let’s say that someone is a millionaire. This person has family and friends and he knows that they are poor. The person in question is always trying to take advantage of his family and friends. He asks them for money regularly. He uses their resources and wastes them. For many years they helped him. They don’t like this person much though, because they notice that he is self-centered. Their relationship seems to be one way only. Everything is about him. One day they discover that this individual is the wealthiest in the family and group of friends. That’s when everybody turned their back against him and hated him to death.

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Greedy individuals can not understand why other people hate them. Often they confuse this hate with envy. It is simply unjust to try to spend the resources of people that have much less than you do when you have abundant resources yourself. Now, understand as a business owner that there exists a stereotype in society. Very wealthy individuals are often accused of being greedy no matter how generous they may be. If someone is very rich, many people will think that person is greedy even if they don’t know him/her. Especially haters tend to think that the rich are greedy.

Greed is an attitude. It arises out of the fear of losing what you already have. It is not like gluttony which seeks to consume more than it needs. It is concerned about not giving. Greedy people want to have so much that they can not possibly run out. They are focused on getting and receiving.

Greed opposes generosity. While you are not obligated to share your resources with anybody, generous people do it and they do it often. I will tell you how generous people are: they do not fear being poor. They give and they enjoy doing it. This covers many areas of life. Greedy people hate to share anything if they are not going to receive some remuneration in exchange for their giving. Generous individuals do share and they share a lot. It is a pleasure for them to give. They enjoy giving and sharing. They like to share their time, money, knowledge, strength, efforts, love, etc.

You can be wealthy and generous at the same time. Generosity is something that comes from the heart. It arises out of love, the desire to bless others and see them joyous. It focuses on giving, not receiving. When you are rich and generous, you don’t care when others tell defamation about you. You have peace of mind. You know that to the best of your knowledge you always take the best possible decisions. Generous people are prosperous. Greed is one of the worst enemies of wealth. If you have a business and you are greedy, people won’t buy from you. If you raise the prices for your products or expect to make too much, they will leave and go buy from those who have lower prices. You will have to close doors quickly.

If you pay miserable wages to your employees and exploit them, that will reflect on your overall profits. They may leave too and you will have troubles. Most successful business owners sell at reasonable prices and are nice to their employees. If you rip off your clients, word of mouth will work against you. Of course, some people become rich by being greedy, but most of them don’t enjoy their fortunes. They feel guilty or they are too concerned about losing their wealth, so they hide it. At Ind, someone else enjoys the fruit of their labor. Some people just can’t realize that we humans don’t live forever. No matter how much or how little you have, one day you will have to let it go, like everybody else.

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Author-Adesh Chaurasia

He is an active learner, author, and speaker when it comes to the subject of national development through scientific and relational ways. He presents his knowledge about his line of work in such a simple yet engrossing manner that it reaches out to the people to enhance their knowledge and put it to good use.

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