Can AI be The New Human Resource Management System?

As a human resource manager, it’s your job to make sure that every employee is feeling safe and getting the required help. AI can help with this because it uses data to learn and evolve. Plus, it can complete most of the low-value HR department tasks so that more attention may be focused on the strategic scope of work. 

HR must be responsible for the growth of an organization and that also requires more than a business perspective. It is more than just managing people, HR is about dealing with sensitive issues like diversity and inclusion, and addressing the strategic goals of an organization. With the help of artificial intelligence, HR can automate time-consuming tasks and improve efficiency. To give you a better idea, in this Adesh chaurasia latest news, let’s talk about the role of AI in human resource management in the near future.

  1. Talent Acquisition and Recruitment 

Artificial intelligence has been speeding up the process of hiring new talents at businesses, while reducing the time and effort required to complete some tedious activities. AI in Talent Acquisition is a boon to recruiters, saving them time and effort in sourcing candidates. 

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of AI in HR is that it does not just process and understand data. It also learns from all its encounters and performs better with time. AI also analyses data and statistics to ensure that every hiring decision is accurate and bias-free. It can track what type of candidates are most likely to fit into a particular role. 

Employers who are not adopting AI and machine learning in talent acquisition are overlooking a golden opportunity to improve their efficiency, create a more favorable candidate experience, and develop new talent for their organizations.

  1. Orientation of Newer Recruits 

Especially in India, a good number of companies follow a standardized procedure for onboarding new employees. Such processes are ineffective, long, and time-consuming. AI systems designed for structured information and data will be programmed to conduct initial training on compliance regulations, and get them acquainted with all the dos and don’ts within the company.

New workers will get all necessary information, such as job profile data, business regulations, task assignments, team member information, and so on, via a mobile application or PC/IT equipment. AI can be the backbone of a seamless and stress-free onboarding process in the near future!

  1. Enhancement of Employee Experience

AI will make it easier for human resources departments to review employee engagement and satisfaction more precisely than ever before. HR teams could utilize tailored feedback and recognition programs to positively impact the employee experience.

With the implementation of AI, employees will now be able to access all their employee-related requests, activities, and tasks through a multi-channel engagement channel. Apart from that, you can have the advantage of quick notifications about work-life balance activities, employee recognition programs and even managing leave requests. 

Moreover, robotics, cognitive capabilities, and expert platforms can anticipate future employee needs before they even arise, making AI central to employee engagement in the future. 

  1. Leadership and Management Positions

AI can be perfect to evaluate new recruits and explore their potential in leadership and management skills. Keeping track of their day-to-day behaviour towards other employees, and asking them a certain set of questions can reveal a lot about their personality. And, with AI you can easily analyze these traits and compare them with other employees; helping the company owner choose the perfect individuals for their management positions!

Final Thoughts 

It’s well known that automation of HR functions will be inevitable as the field names itself an old-fashioned and inefficient business model. This has been recognized to such an extent that even if you are a hard-working employee, your time is wasted on several irrelevant tasks. In Adesh Chaurasia’s latest news, we’ve discussed how AI can help you deal with those cumbersome tasks efficiently.

Now that artificial intelligence is finally taking off in the domain of HR, employees are now getting the benefit of having an assistant that can help them with a variety of tasks. 

Instead of thinking about artificial intelligence replacing their roles, many businesses have started to view it as something to enhance the quality of their workforce. While there have been predictions regarding how future-focused HR-integrated AI systems will be, there are still many questions that need to be answered before they can implement everything they want!

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Author- Adesh Chaurasia

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