Core values to attract quality applicants to your company

Whenever someone applies for a job application, they expect from employer to support them and offer an opportunity to acquire new skills. Similarly, when an employer reviews a candidate’s profile, they prefer someone who can fulfill the key responsibilities, and helps the organization grow by gaining required skills and implementing the same. Such accommodation and understanding help both sides evolve and are profitable in the long run.

At times, the collaboration fails to understand each other. Either the company replaces the candidate or the candidate leaves the organization. In each of the situations, there is a wastage of time and resources. These misunderstandings can be resolved if candidates fulfill their commitments made in the interview. The same goes for the employers. Employers must provide a convenient time for the employee to settle down and understand the work and be able to perform as per the expectations.

In the following blog, you will come across some core values that you as a business can use to hire quality applicants for your company. Before you begin to hire employees, make sure you understand the core values of a company and how they attract top employees.

For any employer, core values are a motivational poster of how the company functions internally. The core values include:

  • Care: Ensure that employees already engaged in your company feel cherished. Such a comforting environment encourages the employees efficiently and develops a comfortable environment.
  • Interest: Bring innovative employment policies and procedures onboard. Employees feel honored when their employers help them achieve work/life integration. It may include activities like gamification, mandatory leaves, courses for skill enhancement, health camps, volunteering, etc.
  • Social: A company must hold social events. The events may be within the company among cross-departments or for a social cause where the company, employees, and their families participate. This activity certainly helps in developing bonds and focusing on long-term goals.
  • Economic: Only the salary doesn’t count as economic value for any employee. It also involves financial security, stability in the career, competitive pay, and the benefits offered by the employer with the salary. For instance, allowances, yearly bonuses, team outings, performance bonuses, etc.
  • Development: After economic value, development is the next step an employee is focused on. As an employer, you must invest in upskilling your employees. It will be fruitful for the employee and your business in terms of achievement and growth. The investment in the employee will build the loyalty of a lifetime.
  • Appreciation: Candidates often use their skillsets and knowledge to contribute to the company beyond the job description. A small appreciation or a reward from the employer makes the employee feel valued and convinces them to invest the maximum. It also encourages the employee to be faithful and devoted.

Since you are mindful of the core values you must include in your company, now, let’s focus on how you can utilize these values to hire some of the best talents.

Include core values in the menu

Here, the menu refers to the job description (JD). Whenever you post a job description on job portals or social media platforms, make sure you highlight these values. You may consider this as marketing your brand name via JD. The more people will read your JD, the probability of talented people approaching you for the post will increase.

Highlight your core values while recruiting

Another way to utilize your values appropriately is during the recruitment process. The human resource (HR) department must inform the candidates about the values practiced in the company. HR can also judge the candidate and share core values that would attract the right candidate.

Practice the core values in the company

But before you market the core values of the company, make sure you are practicing the same with your employees already engaged with you. You never know if your employees within the company may bring good talent to your company through a reference. If you fail to practice such values, in reality, your company’s value will be severely affected in the market. If your company gets reviewed, the truth will sprout.

Hopefully, you will implement such core values in your company soon for everyone. The sooner such positive changes take place, the more your company will be accompanied by quality candidates.

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Author- Achal Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author, and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well-being and betterment of society as a whole.

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