Cyber security-The growing concern in the virtual era

Adesh ChaurasiaCyber security

As we are now living as active members of the digital world, we get to face a lot of problems and complications when it comes to handling things virtually.

Then v/s now

As the cyber world is getting expanded than ever before, it is extremely important for us to figure out the repercussions of our virtual actions.

The cyber world began when just a few systems started getting converted from physical to having a digital user interface.

Initially, the internet provided a break through to the traditional working systems by giving a strong option to the organizations to strengthen the user friendly approach.

Back in the days when the systems were newly transformed to be virtual, a specific group of people were assigned to take care of the information, data and details that were being circulated through the digital mode.

However, now that almost everything happens through our virtual screens, the unprecedented amount of information that travels from here to there is hideous and quite difficult to handle as well as keep track of. Therefore, systems are now coming up with inbuilt technological innovations that keep the crucial aspect of cyber security under firm check.

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Automated systems are set by default, which means that complying to the patterns and regulations that are stored in such systems becomes mandatory for users to have access to the operation.

In cases where transferring details, information or even monetary resources is required to be done, one-time passwords that are sent to the specific contact numbers and emails of an individual need to be shared with utmost care. These passwords follow a highly secure approach in case of information transfer. They often expire after a certain time limit, so that they can’t be used anymore and this feature adds up to the authenticity of the whole procedure.

A real life instance

While talking to one of my friends some days back, he was telling me about how his father had to pay a heavy cost of being just a lil careless and less alert in handling the online banking procedures.

So, what happened is, my friend’s father got a call from a person who faked being an employee in the bank in which he had an account. What the person told my friend’s dad was that he called up in order to complete some security process of his account which is very important for security reasons. My friend’s father was at work and so he had no time to ask what was that all about ? in good detail. The person simply said that they are almost done with establishing a secure network, for the last step he wants to know the OTP ( One-time password ) that will be sent to my friend’s father’s phone. He said okay and hurriedly cut the call as he was busy with his work. As instructed by the person over call, he gave the person that OTP and within a time span of 5 minutes he got a message of an amount of 50,000 bucks. He thought my friend would have made a debit for making some payment and called him only to know that my friend didn’t make such a debit. They got to know what went wrong exactly and called the customer service to block the bank account immediately. However, the blocking procedure took another 15 minutes and during that time two more debits were made, amounting to 20,000 and 40,000 bucks. They had to bear a huge loss due to this.

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Cyber security is becoming a matter of growing concern as all our lives have shifted to the virtual mode. Therefore, it is important for us train ourselves to be more alert and known to the growing threats, challenges and also about the solutions in order to overcome the tough situations that we may inevitably face sometimes.


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