How artificial intelligence has the potential to advance education

Adesh Chaurasia-How artificial intelligence has the potential to advance education

Adesh Chaurasia- How artificial intelligence has the potential to advance education

It is mind-blowing how the technological advancements that we are witnessing are contributing a great deal in giving a boost to every aspect of human life. In the pre-covid era, the education sector was not very rapid in adopting novel technologies. But with the global pandemic shifting everything to the digital mode, technology became an integral part of education and we will witness further intervention of technology in enhancing the education sector.

Artificial intelligence is one such technological advancements that are making its way to all industries. When it comes to transforming the education sector for the better, the role of artificial intelligence cannot be brushed aside.

Let us look at some of the stunning ways in which artificial intelligence can improve the quality of education and the entire experience for students as well as how it is advantageous for the teachers.

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1. AI provides a personalized learning experience

When artificial intelligence is not implemented in education, some students might find it difficult to study with the pace of the entire class and they might find their needs are not getting enough attention. Artificial intelligence solves this problem by adapting according to the needs of each student. While there is heating debate among people about whether technology can completely replace teachers, I feel that the role of technology is to aid teachers rather than to replace them. This is what artificial intelligence does. It enables teachers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student.

2) It helps teachers by automating tasks

A lot of the precious time of teachers gets lost in administrative work like preparing the report cards of students and grading multiple-choice questions. And the worst part is that because of the burden of these tasks, teachers are often not able to pay heed to the requirements of the students. Artificial intelligence tools automate all these tasks and enable teachers to focus on the things that are of immense importance, that is paying attention to students and interacting with them so that they get quality education.

3) It provides helpful feedback to students as well as teachers

As we already saw how artificial intelligence aids teachers to weave courses by taking into consideration the interests, potential, and speed of learning of each student, it also gives them feedback about where they can improve their courses. For instance, Coursera on the basis of the assignments submitted by the students tells the educator where they can improve their course. AI-driven programs have the ability to give immediate feedback to the students as well as track their progress and according to them, give them feedback on how they can improve.

4) AI makes education accessible to students 24×7

One of the most amazing advantages of artificial intelligence is that it provides students access to learning 24×7. How annoying would it be for a student who is studying early in the morning or late at night and needs guidance on a certain topic but nobody is available or needs a study material but the library is not open? AI provides solutions to problems like these by providing access to an online library from where you can download study materials whenever you want and sessions that you can watch any time to clear your doubts.

5) AI makes education more engaging and fascinating for students

The personalized approach in AI-based learning as well as the use of interactive ways play a major role in increasing the interest and attention of students in studying. This includes the use of visualization that makes the entire learning process very intriguing for students.

6) Making education more accessible to students with disabilities

Artificial intelligence is proving to be immensely helpful in educating students with visual or hearing impairment, autism, dyslexia, and other disabilities. The innovative technologies of AI are making sure that they are getting a quality education that is responsive to their needs.

Wrapping up

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the weapon with which you can change the world.”

I feel that the way we are embracing technology everywhere, the adoption of emerging innovative technology like artificial intelligence in education is the key to improving the teaching process for the teachers and the learning process for the students so that they can optimize their full potential. Therefore efforts should be made in this direction so that the students who are the future of our nation can get the best out of their education.

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