How sports culture enhances your child’s overall growth and well-being?

How sports culture enhances your child's overall growth and well-being?

Adesh Chaurasia– Kids & Team Sports

It is a big responsibility to bring up a child, which many prospective people fail to realize. I know a counselor who once said this about parenting: “If you want good kids, you must be a loving parent.” That has stayed with me ever since. Sports are a brilliant way to nurture and inculcate values in your children. You are essentially training them in an entire set of moral values that they will go on to cherish in their successful lives. Scores of artists, accomplished entrepreneurs, and professionals attribute their disciplined lifestyles and work ethics to a strong sports culture inculcated at a young age. If you want your child to grow up revering and valuing honesty, determination, team spirit, and sheer perseverance, you should teach them a sport or two. Here are the benefits of introducing your child to a culture of sports:

The Benefits of Kids Participating in Sports

Less Tendency to Go Astray

Studies have proven that teenagers engaged in team sports are less prone to get involved in drugs, and violence. A child needs a loving yet firm parent to teach them to distinguish right from wrong: and there are few avenues more fertile for moral instruction than a sport of their choice.

The Value of Teamwork

As human beings, we are a gregarious race. Competition is, unfortunately, eclipsing co-operation on all important fronts. We direly need a generation of professionals who understand that not everything around us is a zero-sum game. In some way, we can all contribute towards a collective victory. That’s where sports play an indispensable role in shaping team spirit in your child. Being part of a team inculcates a sense of belonging and boosts confidence at an early age. If your child knows how to thrive among their peers, they will go on to thrive in society.

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Improves Overall Health

According to an article that appeared in ScienceDaily, children who actively participate in sports are relatively healthier than kids that don’t. This includes overall health parameters such as blood pressure, heart performance, digestion, cholesterol levels, sugar levels, and so on. It is that much more simple to become a healthy adult if you are a healthy child. Do your kid that favor. Teach them a sport.

Can Lead To Better Employment Opportunities

A study carried out by Kevin M. Kniffin, an applied behavioral scientist at Cornell University, New York, revealed that participating in sports as a child can result in better employment opportunities. According to Kniffin, “…people expect former student-athletes to display significantly more leadership, self-confidence, and self-respect than those who were active outside of sports.” Sports imbibe positive qualities in children like leadership capabilities, self-confidence, and discipline. Likewise, prospective employers see these positive virtues.

How to Encourage Them?

Ensure that physical exercise gets naturally incorporated into your child’s daily routine, but do not force it. Kids get distracted easily, especially younger children, so they need a bit of motivation from your side. The best way is to be involved in sports activities yourself. Then, if they show interest in a particular sport, you can educate them in its various aspects. That way, they not only get educated in a sport that they will hopefully sustain all their life but also cultivate a distinct bond with you. What more does a parent want?

What if They Want to Quit?

If your child shows little inclination to sports, then you need to find out why. Is it that they are good at something else? Maybe, the school or community where the sports activities are being conducted isn’t conducive to your child’s participation. Or, perhaps there is some underlying health issue that you were not aware of.

My younger daughter showed no interest in sports. But she is musically inclined. So, instead of spending her free time out on the playing fields, she would be stuck to her keyboard. I upgraded her keyboard, and she became an accomplished musician. When she showed no interest in sports, I did not push her but motivated her to shine in another field.

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In Conclusion

We cannot deny that sports are beneficial to a child’s overall development. However, while you would do well to encourage some form of physical exercise for your kids, they may not be inclined towards sports. Talk to your kids, listen to them, and try to find out what interests them. If it is sports, then fine. But if not, you need to know what they are good at and encourage them to do their best in the field of physical activity. Kids need your attention and time more than they need your money and your luxury. Your emotional investment is the best gift you can give your child.


Author-Adesh Chaurasia

He is an active learner, author and speaker when it comes to the subject of national development through scientific and relational ways. He presents his knowledge about his line of work in such a simple yet engrossing manner that it reaches out to the people so as to enhance their knowledge and put it to good use.

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