How to make yourselves attractive to the recruiters?

Finding a job has always been a troublesome procedure. Since the pandemic hit India and the economy dipped, the process has become more exhausting. Being selected by employers among tons of job applications is critical. You may be unaware of the fact that while analyzing job applicants, recruiters judge your profile based on a lot of things. These may include skillsets that match the job description, flexibility towards responsibilities, enthusiasm about the job, your availability of how soon you can join, and your attitude during the telephonic interview, so make sure you are prepared for these.

The following blog will emphasize the things that can make you look attractive in the eyes of the recruiters. Being chosen by recruiters requires a lot of potential to stand out from the crowd. If your profile looks bare, the chances are high that recruiters may not consider your profile at all. Below are a few suggestions you can add to your profile to attract recruiters.

Enhance and update your soft skills

Apart from your technical skills, any recruiter would be interested in analyzing your skills. Here, soft skills refer to your ability to fit in any organization as a team player, your scope to sweep off your work, your efficacy, reliability, stability, etc. Therefore, you must reiterate these skills while fabricating your resume and on the phone with recruiters.

Diligently involved in social media

Nowadays, it is all about building brands. The same theory applies to the candidates. If you are able to market your thoughts, motivations, and inspirations assertively on social media at intervals, you are halfway through. But when you share your perspective, make sure you do it in a professional way.

Master new skills or upgrade your skills

Since the market is dynamic, you must be competent enough to learn a new skill or upgrade your basic or intermediate level skills to a higher level. For instance, you may learn a foreign language, or get certification from a renowned training school that enhances your skill set. You may also upgrade your skills such as improving your communication or presentation skills, learning advanced spreadsheets, revamping your personality or soft skills, etc.

Involve in volunteering or charity

While being involved in a job or searching for a job, make sure you utilize your free time appropriately. You may volunteer for any ongoing cause in society or be a part of a charity. There are many charities associated with some serious crises in the country, you may participate in such practices and add them to your resume. Also, do not do it just for your resume, make sure you work for a cause that seriously concerns you. It may be child trafficking, women empowerment, environmental causes, world peace, etc.

Incorporate numbers in your resume

When you discuss your key responsibility area (KRA’s), make sure to incorporate numbers. For example, you supervised a team of 100 employees or helped the organization reach one million audiences digitally, etc. These numbers amplify your skills, experience, and your field of expertise. It leaves an impression on the employer and may convince them to connect with you.

Try a video profile to impress the recruiter

A job search takes most of your time to build a resume, update skillsets, use relevant keywords in your profile to prioritize your resume, etc. Instead, you may also share a video profile with recruiters. A video profile may include a brief about your portfolio, and skills and an explanation of how you are a good fit for the job search based on the job description.

This new feature may increase calls from recruiters. The reason is that it is innovative, and the video will be like your mirror image highlighting your personality in the most appropriate way.

Now that you have a clear view of how to attract recruiters to your candidature, take a step back and analyze your profile. An evaluation will help you understand how to craft your resume or make necessary modifications. Apart from this, make sure you are always available on phone, and by mail. If you miss any of the recruiter’s calls or emails, you may have to regret it later. The recruiters definitely have alternatives for the job but you may miss a great opportunity.

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Author- Achal Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author, and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well-being and betterment of society as a whole.

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