Impact of electric cars on the world-The new advent and transformation

Impact of electric cars on the world-The new advent and transformation

Adesh Chaurasia Updates- Electric Cars

Everyone is aware of Electric Vehicles now. The spontaneous rise in the EV market and the knowledge now people hold regarding this domain is only moving ahead. For quite some time world was trying to achieve sustainable driving methods, however, it was difficult to process even that fact. Due to rigorous hard work and advancements in technology, now, the world can look ahead to sustainable electric methods to achieve it.

The rise in EV Sector is a blessing to the entire world, the continuous rise in Crude Oil Price and the rapid exhaustion of Fossil Fuels has made us sitting ducks. Now, we can look for alternatives to Traditional methods of Fuel. Due to the EV, it will give us time to decrease the use of traditional fuels and in meantime, it won’t even hamper the livelihood of people depending upon transport for a wage. The Forthcoming era of EV will give us a much-needed chance to evaluate & repair the damage we inflicted upon Nature. With time EV may take over the world in every possible means. Today, we have Electric Bicycles, Scooty, Motorcycles, Cars, and some other LUVs. This boon has eased a lot of pressure from the rise in Pollution, Damage, Deterioration of Non-renewable resources.

Constant upgrade in the modern technology of EVs has left us awed in a gasp. We live in world of technological advancements, if you do not move ahead, you are slipping away. Every organization is all hands into the development of more sustainable and better ways to equip people with the tech of tomorrow.

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The introduction of Electric Vehicles has left us amazed. The phenomenal impact can be seen throughout the world. People are inclined to purchase Electric Vehicles and are in line for months for that. Customers do not trust new brands the advancement in technology did not bring trust with it. Already established brands are using new entrants as the first step to pierce the market of Electric Vehicles. Numerous renowned brands are establishing their footprint in the market, using trust as a key factor, to manipulate customers. Due to the expansion of knowledge now is the time to place yourself into the perception of Customers.

“A report on “Long-Term Electric Vehicle Outlook” establishes that electric models are accounting for 58 percent of a new passenger car in sales by 2040, globally, and it will induce up to 31 percent of the whole car fleet. Electric vehicles are seen adding about 5.2 percent to the global electricity demand by 2040.”

The mentioned report can’t be neglected, the projections made are quite believable, the rush into the Electric Vehicles market is a sign of an uprising. It will take the Automobile Industry by storm, changing a whole lot of ways for transportation and needs.

According to current reports published by leading Authorities and Media Channel “The report published mentions that the sales of combustion engine cars are set to decline and drop even faster by around 23 percent this year and on the other hand Electric models are seen accounting for 3 percent of global cars in sales in 2020, rising to approx 7 percent of total sales in 2023 which is estimated to be 5.4 million units.”

However, if we look at it from the Electricity usage point of view, this is not supposed to affect an individual’s level but it is most likely to reshape the electricity load curve in mere future. The absolute effect of this surge will be an increase in evening hours when people will plug in their EVs after they return home from work or after completing their daily chores or whatever it be. However, the change in load curve will lead to significant challenges at a local level because the regional spread of Electric Vehicles will most likely vary.

Another major result of this phenomenon will be a decrease in Carbon Emissions and which is continuously hampering the ecosystem and is one of the main reasons for Global warming.

Electric Vehicles have it’s own pros and cons when it comes to impact. The future is unpredictable at the moment for Electric Vehicles as the factors at play are consistently evolving. It would be safe to say there will be a lot of good with a pinch of bad.


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