Is Animal Testing in Scientific Research Acceptable?

Is Animal Testing in Scientific Research Acceptable?

Adesh Chaurasia– Testing on Animals

Animals are commonly seen used as an experimental medium by scientists for their scientific research. Even though the research ethics code of conduct, states the use of a human being is not an option, use the of animals is still not showing any good judgment and are deemed inadequate to give satisfaction to rights commission based on animals’ right.

This world has encountered many marvelous discoveries and findings, specifically in the medical world, during the 21st century. Several drugs and vaccines have been discovered for all kinds of diseases, which includes some deadly virus infections too. We are burdened with the loss of numerous living creatures, for us to accomplish this particular achievement, one such would be animal testing. The major share of the population thinks that there should be a stop to animal testing, because it leads many of those animals to suffer, however significant think that it is still the necessity to do, It is a necessary evil we must do.

It is very common to use animals as an experimental medium, in the medical industry. Scientists have to make sure that the new ascertained medicine for the supposed disease is safe to wipe out for people. Animals are considered to be a necessary addition to the experiment target because they are believed to have a similar response to the human body and immune system. According to the research ethics code of conduct, it is deemed illicit to use humans for any such experiment and this is all the more reason for using animals as a medium to continue experimentation.

To add, The examining is commonly seen conducted out for profit’s sake. Many cosmetic and beauty industries allow and support research questions that are said to be only scientific theories and hypotheses, but as a matter of fact, they just want to uncover some new type of cosmetic and beauty product rather than determining new solutions for the existing medical problems. For this ground, it should be mandatory that animal trialing should be prohibited at any cost.

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Even though there are specific grounds to use the animal as an experimental medium to accomplish research target, there can be stated two reasons related to disagreement; First, by the miracle of genesis mechanism, Primates are the most viable and ideal animals that scientists could use in the trial of new medicines, even though a particular rare amount of primates leads scientists for use of substitute of these animals in their research. To name a few; Mouse, Rabbits and so on. Due to different family structures and genomes, this causes a rift of preconception in experimentation outcomes. This preconception engenders invalidity of safety in trial for some new medicine fit for human beings. Second, and a rather important one, most of the time the animals used in experiments get physically hurt during the experiment, most of these animals are injected more than ten times a day sufficing the needs of the researcher. Most of the time, due to adverse effects from drugs administered cause them to suffer and let them die slowly. It is good enough and true to say that more than 100 mice sacrifice their lives in discovering just one drug, some of them have a familial mutation, and others die tragically.

The use of animals for testing in scientific research is far from being ignored, moreover avoided. However, to minimize the suffering of animals during experimentation, one should look into ways to minimize the number of animals that are being used for testing and research prospects. This fact can’t be ignored that in some events, animal’s usage for purpose scientific research has given us many benefits in scientific maturation and prolonged discovery, but over time and for a matter of fact, utilizing animals is not a necessary procedure and can cause them more harm rather than good. The organizations, relevant authorities that are the governing authority over any political unit or decisive committee should make the ordinance and regulations about using an animal in any form of experimentation or research, this should be taken into effect to shield and protect animals from the infringement of animals’ rights.

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However, it is not acceptable the use Animals in scientific research and experimentation. But, it is one of the necessary evils we must commit to protecting ourselves. We have to live with the burden of the demise of many such creatures whom we neglected for the greater good of ourselves.


Author- Adesh Chaurasia

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