Is coding really important for children?


Is coding really important for children?

Earlier, under extracurricular activities, teaching children how to dance, paint or sing was prominent. But today, with the increasing digitalization, there is a growing popularity to teach children how to code. The blooming software industry is the reason behind parents’ interest in availing of coding courses for their children.

It might seem impractical for children to learn coding, a skill usually possessed by trained software engineers, but in today’s generation when technology is conquering every domain, I think there is no doubt that learning how to code is not unnecessary but beneficial for children.

It is also the fact that children have the ability to grasp things faster that makes parents and teachers believe that this highly demanded skill should be taught to children. Look at some of the reasons that I believe have shaped the notion of teaching children how to code and you will find the answer to the question that is coding really important for children.

1. Increases career opportunities

It is not only the flourishing software industry where coding is required, but today its use can be found in almost every industry including health, finance as well as business. That is why people who know to code have an edge over other candidates in most of the jobs. And this demand for people trained in coding is here to stay.

When children are taught coding from an early age, it enables them to develop that skill to its full potential till they reach the time of applying for jobs. This advantage over others will ensure them better career prospects.

2. Develops problem-solving skills in children

Problem-solving is an essential skill that we require in every step of life, be it professional or personal. It involves identifying the problem, breaking it down, developing an effective set of actions to address the challenges pertaining to it, analyzing each one of the possible solutions, and choosing the best one.

In coding, people face challenges in every step and have to devise strategies to overcome them. This is done through logical and computational thinking. In this way, when children learn to code, they cultivate the skills of solving problems effectively.

3. Encourages creativity

You might be confused that how can programming encourage creativity as it is completely technical. This is because children are constantly urged to experiment during coding. This helps to develop their brain and foster creative thinking.

Children get to combine their computational thinking with creative thinking to develop animations, websites, and other things through programming.

4. Inculcates perseverance in children

We all face failures in our lives. This includes minor setbacks as well as huge failures. And it might get extremely difficult for us to cope with them and recover from them. The same is the case with coding. Coders fail again and again in the process of programming. They have to constantly experiment until their code works. This teaches children perseverance, makes them learn from their mistakes. Therefore they become resilient in real life too.

5. Makes them confident in the digital world

We are becoming increasingly dependent on technology with every passing day. Keeping children away from the back end of science and technology is not going to help as sooner or later they will have to face the real world, the world that functions with the help of technology.

I believe that apart from all the benefits of coding that I have listed above, it plays a great role in helping children grow into confident and technologically aware individuals.

Concluding words

Even if your children do not go into the field that is directly linked with coding, your investment in teaching them coding will not get wasted because it will make them empowered and equipped to step into the job market of this highly digitized world.

So if you wish to teach your children something that will help them get a bright future and that is also enjoyable, then do not think twice before teaching them how to code. Do not worry, it will be very basic in the beginning and the levels will increase as they get older.

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