Must-have tech buddies for sorting out your mobile office bucket list

Must-have tech buddies for sorting out your mobile office bucket list

Adesh Chaurasia– Must-have for Mobile Office

Sometimes things change for the worse. Productivity suffers when you’re in an unfamiliar place. The way a laptop keyboard cramps your hands is sometimes enough to keep you from getting the job done right.

Here are four technology “must-haves” for the mobile office, plus some tools that can boost your productivity while you’re away.

The Right Software

It isn’t just downloading the necessary applications onto your laptop or PDA, it’s also knowing whether the programs are suited to a mobile office. Is your email program built for the road or adapted from a bigger application meant for a corporate network? Do the programs work together on your laptop or do they freeze when your processor gets busy?

These considerations can become big issues when you’re traveling. That’s something Tab Stone, a doctor from Los Angeles knows all too well. He installed a new email program on his laptop before leaving on a recent trip, but it wasn’t suited for mobile use. He had to uninstall it shortly before takeoff, but that disabled his backup email program.

The latest Contact-management software programs let you integrate data with your PDA, so you can download and synchronize contacts, calendar appointments, and notes to your Palm Pilot or Pocket PC. There’s also a web-based version for travelers who either lose their laptops or prefer to work from a desktop at their destination.

What’s next? Look for more integration between applications for wireless users. Contact managers are already assuming the role of the email program, address book, and database. The next step is making it more accessible to people who are using cell phones or PDAs.

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The Right Hardware

I’m not talking about owning the newest laptop computer. I’m talking about hardware that’s created for life on the road. Let’s face it: A lot of the gadgets on which mobile professionals depend aren’t made with travelers in mind. Phone plugs don’t always fit; neither do power outlets. And a lot of the gadgets we rely on are traveler-hostile, impractical, or both.

Some hardware manufacturers are meeting the demand for traveler-friendly hardware with add-ons such as the Keyboard. I’ve also been impressed with Mini Optical Mouse, which frees you from the restrictions of your laptop’s finger-cramping pointer.

What’s next? As the convergence between cell phones, PCs, and PDAs continues, it wouldn’t surprise me to see devices that offer the ergonomic comfort of a desktop with the portability of a PDA. It won’t come a moment too soon for many road warriors.

The Right Connections

Connections are everything to the mobile office.


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