Networking mistakes You should avoid as a job seeker.

When you have a face-to-face or online interview lined up, you prepare yourself for the same by reading about the company, its values, market value, etc. Then, why don’t you practice similar job-hunting etiquette when seeking a new job. Whether you agree or not, networking is an integral part of your job search. Networking allows you to connect with communities, people, and companies with similar interests where you can share ideas and help each other flourish. Let’s comprehend the same with an example.

You may have potential contacts on your list who can refer you to your dream job. Since you have been making networking mistakes, your probable connection is oblivious of your abilities and ignorant that you are available for a job. In such a case, you may lose a promising opportunity that may have escalated your career.

Therefore, the first thing you need to change here is to widen your network. To make sure you don’t miss any crucial aspect of networking, below is a checklist of mistakes you should avoid while networking.

  • Profiles with insufficient information: If you have an incomplete or year’s old profile on social media platforms, ensure that you update your education, skills, and work experiences. Connect with your ex-colleagues or colleagues from the current employer to sponsor you for your skillsets. For instance, they may confirm that you are a team player, can multi-task, have volunteered for extra-curricular activities, etc. Also, you must join groups/communities with similar interests so that you may learn and contribute with your intelligence.
  • Adjourning in-person meets: Despite the pandemic, you have been in touch with your network through an online meeting. Since the government has released restrictions on gatherings, do not adjourn any in-person meetings. Meeting people in person helps you bond professionally. Such conventions are valuable, as you help each other discover something new and innovative.
  • Dress inappropriately: Since networking is all about presenting your perspective, innovative thoughts, and discoveries to a group of professionals, you must prepare yourself for the same accordingly. Hence, don’t dress inappropriately for the meet. Your attire should speak for your virtue.
  • Anticipating immediate results: It may happen in rare cases that you receive results in a week or a few days. Generally, networking is more about associating with the right set of groups, bonding with people, and getting comfortable with them. If you have linked with people in the group, politely ask someone to recommend you for an opportunity. Make sure you also become a part of someone else’s journey.
  • Not seeking recommendations: You may be reluctant to seek help from a virtual stranger. If you are active in the group and the potential person must have gone through your ideas in the group, be upfront about seeking a recommendation. Even if the person was unable to have a look at your work, you may discuss with them and share your work, ideas, and perspectives.
  • Not following up: Now that you have approached all your potential contacts and shared a synopsis of your profile, you must wait for a few days to hear from them. But don’t delay in following up for the same. The often you follow up will highlight your interest in the opportunity. Make sure you are professional in your approaches and follow-ups; hiring managers prefer potential and initiative candidates.

The above-mentioned suggestions can help you build your network and find your dream job. To ensure that you implement these changes in your networking, below are some reasons why these modifications are important.

Apart from helping you find a potential job search; networking can help you in career development and learn through experience.

Career development: You may be working at any professional level, but networking with people in senior roles becomes increasingly important, especially if you wish to make your career graph to their level, or even higher. Such connections can give you credible advice, help you find development opportunities, or even help you land a promotion.

Learn through experience: Networking with other professionals is so crucial. You get to work under their guidance and learn from their experiences. You may acquire knowledge and skills to implement the same in your career.

In the end, make sure you devote equal time to networking. Such professional meet-ups shouldn’t end after you find a job. It is an investment you are making for the opportunities of a lifetime.

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Author- Achal Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author, and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well-being and betterment of society as a whole.

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