Our Privacy – Legality, Necessity & Its Controversies

Our Privacy - Legality, Necessity & Its Controversies

Adesh Chaurasia Updates – Privacy in India

Privacy? What is privacy in 21st Century? We are living in a time where it will be safe to assume Privacy is a Myth! Every one of your actions over time leads you far away from privacy. Privacy is a basic need for any individual and even though we are promised Privacy. But, is that so? Are you sure that we have a private life? It will be very difficult to even consider it.

Everything you do, however you act is available in the public domain. Your life can be traced back to the time when you first step foot into this world. With help of technology, knowledge, zest, everything you have ever done is stashed somewhere with a certain someone. Even we don’t take enough measures to guarantee our privacy, all of our acts could be found and traced in no time. Everyone is so busy embracing the beauty of technology, they failed to keep up with privacy. People are so careless when it comes to technology, they tend to ignore what the aftermath would be.

Irrespective of Digital footprints and irresponsible behavior a choice should be given to every individual. People today don’t understand the meaning of privacy, it should be the responsibility of concerned authorities to educate every individual on the ‘Right to Privacy. Let people know that they have a choice, if they want they can take a step back and rethink their course. The invasion of Technology has led us astray from the Right we deserve.

What is the need for privacy? What do we have to hide? The answer to this is very simple, It is as much of a necessity as any other fundamental right we exercise. People who do not understand this, there will be consequences, we should rethink before it’s too late.

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When you take the example of India, a Nation with more than 1.2 billion people, It will be true if said ‘privacy of every individual is thrashed altogether’. Now will be the right time to ask for reform and legalize the ‘Right To Privacy’ of every individual with immediate effect. The adverse effects are quite disturbing if this does not get under control. Every act you commit is getting recorded which is a boon and also a bane. With the development of technology, things have become easier to deal with. But at what costs? Invasion of privacy has taken more from people than provide them with. There should be a mandate of choice for everyone to align or not.

Someone’s exposure to their private life and activities may lead to a disastrous turn for themselves and someone else associated. The fact of Modernisation has made it very difficult to maintain a life away from lives. When the world was far from Online and prime dependence was on Physical space, we could have said we do exercise privacy. But, can we say so now?

We live in a time where data extraction is the basic need for every organization and to accomplish that our privacy must have been hampered. With this another comes into play, that is ‘Data Security which every organization ever has promised us. Security and Safety of the information you divulge to someone in guarantee that it won’t be shared further is the basic meaning of Data Security, Do you think this has been true? A safe answer would be No!

Everyone is aware of the use of Social Media, every individual detail of our life is updated on those platforms, is it safe? Has it been shared? There are many questions where privacy of data is concerned and truthfully you could say all of the time it has been compromised.

Updates in technology rip us of our privacy with immediate effect, whatever it be, somebody is watching over it. Every authority and the concerned party wants a piece of that data. Keeping tabs on individuals without consent has been a new normal. Applications that guarantee us privacy is snooping around the clock to market the data. This is Data mining. Extracting data from secure sources for purpose of the sale is an Offense. Technological advancement has left us with no room for privacy.

Thoughts are revolving around, statements are being made to assure that the privacy of any individual hasn’t been hampered and people believe in those make-ups.

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The only boon here is tracking of Offense. Anybody can be found anywhere if in presence of technology. Perpetrators cannot hide anymore. But it should be limited to Open-source tracing. It can be effectively said that the Modernisation and advancements have made life easier and easy comes with a price.

The only fact of importance is everyone should be given a choice, everything has a negative but also a positive. Shouldn’t it be in the hands of people to decide? Knowledge is a luxury, only this luxury comes without a price. Right of Privacy can only be exercised if the Right to Knowledge becomes a mandate.


Author- Adesh Chaurasia

He is an active learner, author, and speaker when it comes to the subject of national development through scientific and relational ways. He presents his knowledge about his line of work in such a simple yet engrossing manner that it reaches out to the people to enhance their knowledge and put it to good use.

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