Performance Review Tips that Enhance your Work

Performance reviews have received more criticism in recent years than any other employee process. But they still have their purpose, even if it’s one that many would prefer to remove. In truth, while traditional performance review (or annual review) processes may be flawed, there is still a place for them. However, organisations need to understand how they work, and what they can change better to ensure more positive results.

Great employees don’t just happen. You have to invest in them. So, how do you ensure that your employees perform at the highest of levels? By conducting regular performance reviews, of course!

In today Adesh Chaurasia news, let’s discuss some important performance review tips that can be beneficial for your business!

  1. Keep track of performance throughout the year

While the annual performance review is a good time to reflect on an employee’s performance, it’s not the only time to do so.

Annual performance reviews can be a time for employees to celebrate with rewards and recognition, or for managers to critique an employee’s performance all at once. Wouldn’t it be more helpful if we recognized employees’ good work every week and talked about ways to improve throughout the year?

Not only is this more accurate than doing it all at once, but it gives people opportunities to improve rather than waiting until the year ends to tackle the problem. This way your annual review will more accurately reflect how well the employee is performing and the fact that you are a great boss for your employees.

  1. Collect feedback from multiple sources

While managers might give employees their opinion, there’s a better chance for the truth to come out when you ask their peers. Provide opportunities for fellow employees and co-employees to attest to your employee’s performance. The anonymous nature of the review process coupled with the fact that it is unsolicited will dramatically increase the quantity of brutally blunt and honest feedback. Especially, their team members will be able to tell you what has been going on with that particular employee and what could be better; as they’ve been alongside for quite some time now!

  1. Encourage the employee to self-evaluate

Ask your employees what they’ve been up to lately, and you might be surprised by the answers. Give your employee space to evaluate their own performance.

As part of their performance review, set a few minutes aside, and let your employees fill out their own performance review form. Be sure to make them list all of the things that they’re proud of, as well as things that they need to work on! Then, print it out and take it with you to the review meeting. That way, if you aren’t sure what kind of grade you should be giving them, you’ll have it in front of you for comparison.

This approach might provide much better insights into the mindset and work culture of your employees; you’ll be able to evaluate them better!

  1. Recognize employee’s contributions

Instead of concentrating on things they are doing poorly, talk to them about what they are doing well. For example, if they have just barely made the quota, mention that they have created a good relationship with their customers and that the rest of the department considers them approachable. When building rapport with employees, it’s also important to recognize whether or not the individual has clear goals and expectations for his/her personal performance.

You might be tempted to look at their sales through a negative lens. But I’d go back and take a second look at what’s been accomplished by them! This is a shining example of how hard work, a great attitude, and staying true to oneself can pay off. Let’s call out the silver linings in this sales team member’s performance review, and encourage them to do their best in the future as well!

Final Thoughts

 In today Adesh Chaurasia news, we’ve brought some light on the importance of performance review processes. A lot of the time, employee performance review processes can do more harm than good. They can drive fear, anxiety, and self-doubt in employees. In today’s competitive labour market, however, organisations have to take a hard look at how they conduct their annual performance reviews. These days, many companies are using performance appraisals that focus on positive comments rather than painful lessons about mistakes made by employees. This new approach can lead to greater employee engagement and a better work environment.

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Author- Adesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author, and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well-being and betterment of society as a whole.

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