The Impacts of giving Traditional Education System a Digital Makeover

The Impacts of giving Traditional Education System a Digital Makeover

Adesh Chaurasia Updates – Changing Education System

The world has been going through digitization as a whole at a stable pace. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made the scenario quite different. Schools, workplaces, offices, etc. everything got transformed from physical setups to virtual screens in front of us.

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I have overheard a lot of people at get-together, public gatherings, malls, markets, etc. that it’s absolutely right to agree to the fact about how digital education has taken over the lives of students, especially during the Covid-19 era. Mothers never fail to mention how kids at home are continuously in front of monitors and screens starting from the morning till their classes are over for the day. Even after that, the extra coaching lectures, tuition’s, virtual sessions, online workshops, e- study hours, etc. add up to the screen time one has during the day. Many people believe that physical study material is left somewhere behind and virtual notes along with e-books have replaced them for study purposes.

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All things bright and positive

The word ‘digital’ sounds like magic in today’s era. Isn’t it? Whenever we talk about something being digital, things that instantly strike our minds are quick, easy, safe, and convenient. Digital is defined in a way that straight away points to being available anytime and anywhere is just a click. Traditionally in our country, education has been available to students through a physical classroom setup. One-to-one interactions and conversations between teachers and students have been the highlight of our education system until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and changed trends for us.

Students of our country have experienced something that hasn’t been in the picture for ages. Being imparted with education through desktop and mobile screens were considered to be an absolute turning point for the Indian education system until last year when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country brutally. Since that time, there has been no way back in the kind of innovations that have been introduced in the world of digital education. Applications that were already in action gained immense popularity along with a number of newly launched platforms coming up serving the same purpose. Not only has this modernized and latest system of digital education made students shake hands with new technology but also made their mindset more vast and elaborate than ever.

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Reaching heights

Initially, during the first month and so shifting studies from a physical school setup to virtual lectures was a great challenge for both students as well as teachers. However, facing challenges and making headway towards success has been a mantra for the citizens of our country. They rightly proved that nothing is ever impossible if the will to accomplish great heights and fly high is strong enough. Within a few months, not only the students and teachers made ways with the new scenario but also worked together to find unique ways to make the online lectures more interesting and beneficial. The use of tools like video settings, virtual blackboards, e-assignments for revision and practice along with virtual celebrations of festivals over screens made the classes more lively and fun.

Little steps

The student and teacher unions virtually came together during the tough times and helped raise awareness, funds and help covid patients to recover. Social media platforms have thousands and pages and groups of students coming together to collect plasma donors, oxygen suppliers, relief material providers, etc. to help the ones in dire need.


At last, we now know how the digital makeover given to the traditional system of education proved out to be highly beneficial for the country. The benefits and success is expected to increase in the future as well.

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