The Indian Ecosystem-Actively supporting female entrepreneurs

Ecosystem Actively supporting female enterprenuers

Adesh Chaurasia Updates – Female Entrepreneurs

The Indian business industry and ecosystem were traditionally structured in a way that favored individuals based on specific genders. Earlier, women were not encouraged to be a part of the entrepreneurial setup. Even though it happened somehow, their emergence was minimal and profits earned by them after a lot of hard work did not soar even nearly equivalent to what male businessmen could make.

The only business activities women were earlier seen being involved in were tailoring, embroidery, art, pottery, pickle making, sewing, spice making, and many more but only related to the domestic field of work. Apart from these domestic, independently run business activities under females, they also assisted male members of the society in agricultural activities, sowing land, carrying wood for cooking, etc.

The Transforming Scenario

As the world has now started to operate on the modern, revolutionized and gender-equal ideals, it’s common to see women leading huge business companies and competing with men in a similar field of work.

This generation is the generation of feminists, who are confident and bold enough to voice their discontentment against the wrongs done to females in the past. Also, they are alert enough to keep a track of what’s happening all around them and try to take an active part in all of it, that’s what they call being ‘woke’ nowadays.

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Tracing the Path of Change

The citizens are turning out to be more empowered than ever. They understand that the world, as a whole, can only progress with all the citizens growing as individuals when-:

Equal opportunities are provided

Equal resources are given

Equal encouragement and support is presented

The Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP)

NITI Aayog has successfully launched a separate women entrepreneurship platform for female business leaders to bloom under appropriate governmental guidance and support.

This network includes budding, new and young women entrepreneurs along with experienced and wise experts in the field of business who are expected to offer great help to these ladies in starting, growing, and expanding their business chains and brands to a great extent.

Women with freshly launched startup brands of their own are eligible to be a part of this group. Also, corporations, great business leaders, owners, etc. are invited to be a part of that cell and share their experiences and hard-earned knowledge that can help the young entrepreneurs to conquer great heights.

The registration process is simple. It includes filling up an online form. As soon as the confirmation arrives the process gets successfully completed.

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Overcoming Challenges

It’s not that the path towards success is always filled with great things like immense support and encouragement. At times, the society and the ideals that it upholds become major hurdles in achieving success.

For women, these struggles and challenges are never-ending. Although the society and its members have granted permissions for females to achieve great heights through hard work and dedication, their demands and expectations remain the same, somehow.

Parents now want their daughters to study well, score great, succeed in terms of career, and also expect them to be well-versed with all the traditional rituals, responsibilities, duties, etc. They want to see them being independent and also committed to serving their domestic circle with everything that’s ever demanded.

That creates pressure on women to perform exceptionally well in almost all spheres of life.

This pressure induces stress and tension in their mind because of which intense repercussions can be faced by them in the future.

To Sum Up

Anyhow, these challenges make the road to success full of obstacles that need to be tackled smartly in order to ace the race of life. As society has a mix of people belonging to the forward and vast thinking category along with the backward and orthodox thinking category, these challenges will forever be present. The solution remains just one, moving forward by sidelining any sort of negativity and distraction along with a strong mindset of never quitting.


Author-Adesh Chaurasia

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