The Rapidly Evolving Investor Landscape


Adesh Chaurasia– Evolving Investor Landscape

According to me, investments drive the materialistic world of economy and finance which in turn keeps the other aspects of the world going in a smooth way.

The whole, typical world of investments revolves around the basic concept of liquidity, adaptability, and flexibility. The investment market can’t afford to be stubborn and firm in its approach at any point because the market trends keep on changing every now and then. Keeping the constantly changing scenarios in mind, the investment structures need to be fluid and liquid in nature.

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The recently experienced drastic changes

The world unexpectedly got trapped in a deadly pandemic of Covid-19 in just a matter of a few months. As a result, the systems got transformed drastically in their mechanisms.

The economic market which is majorly run by investment protocols got impacted to a great extent. The hideous impacts could be faced by everyone around the world in the first few weeks being in the midst of a pandemic itself. Businesses were shut, sales dropped sharply and revenue extraction, as well as payments, became stagnant.

People were worried about the hard times that were expected to be faced further due to the crippling impact and therefore, withdrew a huge amount of their resources that were invested in the market. Set aside the ones that they lost due to incurring losses and financial failures.

The changing trends- Then V/S now

It has been a common observation that earlier people used to invest in similar kinds of sources and streams. For example- If people experienced good returns from investing in gold and other types of precious jewelry items, they would prefer to do that continuously for the rest of the years too.

Investors from the past had these particular traits -:

Closed to experimental investments

If people profited by investing in similar sources, they would continue to do it without shifting their focus to any of the other streams of investments.

Low risk-taking capacity

Investors believed in taking fewer and lesser impactful risks earlier. Although they believed that changing streams of investment would fetch them better profits, many of them preferred to stick to the existing lines of investments only.

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Mainstream and widely known streams of investment

Investors in the previous times focused on the widely known and popular streams of investment only. Dealing in the real estate sector, making investments in precious items, etc. were in trend back in the day.

The investors of today possess drastically different traits. Some of these traits are mentioned below-:

Open to experimental investments

Nowadays, investors are open and free to try investing in various forms and streams of investment. They believe that investments done in multiple sources yield better and more profits in the long run.

High risk-taking capacity

Investors in today’s time strongly believe in the mindset that taking no risks will fetch no good profits. Investment is all about taking risks, losses, facing failures, and bouncing back better from all of that.

Fresh and new streams of investment

Investors now look for fresh and lesser-known streams to invest in. Many of them believe that investing in new streams will make them relatively popular and also help them earn good profits.

To sum up

The investment landscape is consistently and constantly changing. These changes are flexible subject to various market, economic and financial factors. More changes can definitely be expected with the rise in everyday transformations based on science, technology, and societal mindsets as well.


Author- Adesh Chaurasia

He is an active learner, author and speaker when it comes to the subject of national development through scientific and relational ways. He presents his knowledge about his line of work in such a simple yet engrossing manner that it reaches out to the people so as to enhance their knowledge and put it to good use.

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