Ways to set boundaries at work

Completing work-related tasks can be a stressful thing to do. Feeling pressured and being unable to finish your tasks on time can be stressful at times. Do you say “yes” to each new task that comes along? If you feel like this there is a high chance of you feeling worn out and tired. Studies have shown that work-related stress has caused major anxiety problems causing hindrances and problems in their work life and personal life. People in this work-related atmosphere have found it really hard to draw boundaries between professional and personal workspace which has caused imbalances in both life structures. We all aim to work to the best of our abilities and pressure can cause blockage in high performance- thus making us more anxious and unsettled. 

I have compiled a few points in today Adesh Chaurasia news that I believe would help you grow boundaries between your personal and professional workspace; help you grow professionally, and control anxiety-related problems. 


Asking for help when needed is and never was an issue. Consult your manager/boss and ask him/her to provide you with a list of tasks that are needed to be completed on an urgent basis. Ask them your queries or doubts when you feel stuck instead of lingering on the problem and stretching it in search of finding the solution yourself. Having a proper list would help you draw down the pointers you can or should be held accountable for.  Completing tasks under proper guidance and feedback will help you gain more confidence and cause fewer chances of errors to happen. 


Self-awareness is a big kickstart in your journey to become more self-confident and where to draw boundaries. Start by making a list and being extra aware of the human behaviours and conditions that give you strain and anxiety. Write them down. If you notice yourself feeling angry, envious, or guilty, that’s a positive signal that you could want to reset a boundary or talk it over without a doubt. 


Once you’ve got the clarity of things that bother your consciousness, start placing limits. For instance, you notice yourself working extra hours and stressing about work even when it’s post-work hours. Make it so you don’t have to check any emails or work-related stuff after 6-7 PM. That way you can give yourself some free space from the workload and deal with your mental health first. 


Once you put limits, you want to talk to them in your group without a doubt and confidently. For instance, in case you don’t need your group participants to talk to you after work hours unless it’s urgent, communicating the same is crucial to make the limits more practical. If you don’t desire to be contacted on holiday unless it’s far from an emergency, make sure to convey the same to your team without any pressing matter.   


Your ability to be super involved in your work tasks can be related to your tendency to reply to things in a hurry without thinking it through. For instance, the next time your boss asks you to take a last-minute task- saying it’s urgent, hit the pause button before responding. This method will provide you with a risk to test yourself to decide whether or not you’ve got a conflict. If needed, take time and then respond instead of committing to things you might regret later. 


Saying no to things is often termed rude or selfish. But there is no one better than yourself to judge your mental space to deal with different tasks and things at the same time. Therefore, if you ever encounter a situation where you are burdened with tasks and are still expected to perform more, saying NO will never be a bad thing to say. Go right into a room, close the door and say no out loud ten times. It sounds crazy, however, it allows you to be more verbal when it comes to saying no and be less hesitant about it. 

I hope these suggestions in this Adesh Chaurasia news help you find a way to protect your mental sanity, be less anxious, and be involved with your work only to the point till it’s healthy. Any form of over-involvement is unhealthy and everything should be given some space for a fresh breather. Next time you feel anxious about work stuff, you know what to do. 

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Author- Adesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author, and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well-being and betterment of society as a whole.

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