What should be done to Preserve Endangered Animals?

What should be done to Preserve Endangered Animals?

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A simple answer to this would be, Yes. Whatever has been done to Protect and Preserve Endangered species of animals is simply not enough to move forward with. Just Implementing the Act and Regulations is not enough to save these creatures. There should be more to it, a check at regular intervals is a must to counter this issue.

Even with all the acts, we don’t see any significant change in the protection of endangered species, we still are losing nature’s wealth.

The biggest concern for everyone is to protect the animals but what about the habitat they reside in? That should the primary concern, to begin with. What can you do with Animals if they don’t have a suffice home to reside in? The more you destroy their natural habitat in order to protect them are devastating their livelihood. You say you want to protect them, so, you shift them to secure habitat, that isn’t the saving of any species. In order to save any species and especially the endangered ones, first, you must protect their habitat from all kinds of dangers. By protecting their habitat, you will protect the entire communities of animals and plants altogether. Parks, wildlife refuges, and other open spaces should be protected near community areas.

Open space will not only protect them, but it also will provide us with great places to visit and enjoy the beauty of nature. Support wildlife habitat and open space protection in every community possible. All of the endangered species must have a habitat to find food, shelter, and raise their offspring. Logging, deforestation, wildfire, construction, poaching, oil and gas drilling, over-grazing and development, all result in habitat destruction. Endangered species habitats should be protected at all costs and these impacts and atrocities should be minimized at the earliest.

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Despite all the Acts and regulations passed by the government poaching of wildlife is still thriving and doesn’t show any sign of stopping. Poaching is one of the most heinous tasks, it is done for sport, thrill, competition, collecting valuables, sale, and even for fun. Governments and all relevant authorities must take a concrete step to put a stop to this. Saving their habitat and natural ecosystem is only viable if you have animals to be in there.

The third should be to dismantle and diminish the black market where all of the sales happen. The illegal trade of living beings is at its fullest and nothing is done to stop that. Today the Black market is at its peak, buyers and sellers from all around the world are recklessly taking part in these illegal chains of work. There is no significant action taken to counter this atrocity. What is everyone doing? The sale of these exquisite items is taken in Daylight; in name of souvenirs people unintentionally purchase all kinds of artifacts which hampers the livelihood of Endangered species and it gives poachers more reasons to hunt.

Only saving of habitats and their species is not enough to counter this problem; there should be Protection, Restoration, and Connection between the habitats on which these endangered species and other wildlife depend for their survival. You have to build and empower them more for them to thrive. Human intervention is not necessary for them to revive but the damage done from our hands must be repaid by us. We can do this only if we save what’s left and help them in process of restoration to their true might.

Another act should be implemented to educate people residing in areas adjacent to wildlife. The lack of knowledge or improper knowledge at hand can prove very destructive to own self and the wildlife. Significant campaigns and tutoring should be done to let people know what they have at hand. This must consist of knowledge about the species and their habitats, it must have regulations on how to act and treat these animals with utmost care and absence. If one is educated enough to understand the result of this loss, it can impact hundreds in no time. We have been given a gift to thrive and survive along with other creations of nature. It should be respected and honored at all costs.

Adoption can also play a major role in saving these creatures. Those who are equipped and stable enough to provide for the upbringing and preservation of any species should be given the chance. Adopting wildlife and raising them in a safe environment will not only help them preserve but also set an example for others, to nurture and help save them at all costs. Not only adoption of animals but one can always try to adopt the natural habitat or region to let them thrive on their own. This gives a sense of peace in yourself, showcases your character, and helps someone less fortunate than you to live.

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All of these should be done to protect Endangered species anyhow. What we are currently doing is not merely enough to save them. If played well, we can see a rise in wildlife.


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