Who we need more? Managers or Entrepreneurs?

Who we need more? Managers or Entrepreneurs?

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It would suffice to say “All the Entrepreneurs are Managers, but all managers are not Entrepreneurs.

Yes, we do need more entrepreneurs than managers today. Managers are good they can handle any task with utmost care and precision, they are inclined to deliver the best to their clients and services. They are key drivers in the successful completion of any task, project, or initiative assigned to them. Managers are a very important part of any functioning system. It cannot be denied that we need managers. But what we need more are entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur is anyone who decides to make anything happen on their own. They are not held by the routine of life and always thrive on thrust for more. They decide to take away their luxury and give themselves to every possible opportunity. Entrepreneurs grind themselves to make something, anything out of it. They don’t know about the time constraints, deadline, completion, for them what matters is the luxury of their passion. Conversion of their passion into patent.

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Let’s see what makes Managers and Entrepreneurs distinguish them from each other?

First and foremost, Entrepreneurs are involved in high-risk-taking factors and Managers simply avoid a huge risk and work in the timeline.

Entrepreneurs like to grow, enhance, expand, achieve whereas a manager follows a routine to accomplish the dedicated tasks.

Entrepreneurs are driven by the force of achieving something greater than themselves rather than managers who chose the positions of power to drive themselves.

Entrepreneurs are very informal and expressing while managers are strict and structured.

Managers always work for someone, they are driven by the force of consideration and appreciation whereas Entrepreneurs work for themselves, answerable to self only, and do not need appreciation.

Entrepreneurs do not have a fixed source to rely upon for profits and incentives, managers have a fixed stipend.

An entrepreneur is someone who will always create a possibility of jobs and in the meantime hire managers, rather than managers who will just work under the entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs distinguish themselves from qualities they gain from time to time, from distinctive work and exposure while managers possess qualifications required to fulfill tasks and initiatives of others.

Entrepreneurs are often individual in their hustle to gain, they follow their desires whereas managers are team players, they follow others’ desires.

Decision-making for any entrepreneur is based on guts and Intuition while managers rely on information and orders.

An entrepreneur will raise an entire organization around one opportunity and managers will just enhance the opportunity in the organization.

The key difference between an entrepreneur and a manager is, Entrepreneurs will always lead and inspire the team whilst managers will do nothing more than supervise and monitor.

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Now we know how an Entrepreneur is far distinguishable from a manager. Over time Manager can learn to be an entrepreneur but An Entrepreneur is already equipped with the talent of management.


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