Why is Overpopulation a Problem?

Why is Overpopulation a Problem?

Why is Overpopulation a Problem?

An undesirable situation, overpopulation seems to be a problem for many countries around the world, whose population has exceeded the maximum capacity. There are a number of factors behind overpopulation. This is not the problem of an individual or a few more cities.

It has, in fact, become a rising mess for the entire planet, which is suffering due to the complications caused by us humans. An increased gap between birth and death rates leads to astonishing data from different corners of the world. This collective data reveals that the number of children born in a year is much higher and far from the number of people that die in the same year. In this case, the birth rate takes on the lead as it keeps increasing while the death rate either flat lines or goes down.

Child marriages or marriage at a low age are still prevalent in several parts of the world. This evil practice, despite being condemned by prominent political organizations and taken measures against, continues to ruin the lives of many people, especially females. It burdens them with responsibilities that they are not mature and ready for either emotionally, mentally, or physically.

This along with illiteracy and poor family planning forms the root cause of overpopulation. It is because people fail to understand the idea of planning a family and the consequences that will follow. In addition, they may be orthodox and are not exposed to new ideas, infant mortality, and the detrimental effects of several births on females or their children.

Under utilization of contraception marks another cause behind this worldwide complication. Despite having enough available options, and modes of education to teach them the importance of contraceptives, people are reluctant to utilize them to avoid any unwanted pregnancy.

Environmental-Friendly Resolutions for 2022

Unemployment, over-consumption, environmental degradation, conflicts, and wars Overpopulation affects the growth, economy, the environment, and cross-border relations. Here are some of the outcomes of overpopulation:

1) Rise in unemployment

With a per-existing shortage of jobs, it becomes difficult for people to earn their livelihood and support their families. Adding to that, overpopulation gives rise to an increase in unemployment as there wouldn’t be as many jobs to support a large number of people.

This leads to unemployed and desperate people involving themselves in crimes like theft, murder, or abduction. Further, it also affects the happiness ratio of a particular nation or the world in general.

The people with basic amenities in life and a job to fund for it would be happy. However, those who want/wanted to work but couldn’t due to a shortage of jobs and an excess number of people would not be happy with their life.

2) Over-consumption

Overpopulation leads to over-consumption of resources, which further leads to scarcity of these resources and poverty. It comes down to this- more people means more food consumption. This leaves less to no food for the rest of the world and births a famine.

Therefore, this makes it difficult for people to have access to basic food, leave alone a quality nutrition-rich diet. Poor and unhygienic living conditions and reduced access to food and nutrition lead to starvation and malnutrition in young children and adults, where no essential nutrients are provided to them.

This problem extends and causes diet-deficiency diseases among individuals and exposes them to the risk of a number of autoimmune diseases or organ failures.

3) Environmental degradation

A rise in population leads to a rise in human demands and wants, which cause cutting down of forests, an increase in pollution, diminishing wildlife, and extinction of rare species of fauna. While this may seem restricted, the problem is much bigger than what meets the eye.

Depletion of natural resources of the earth along with acts of violence like wars and conflicts do additional damage to the environment. Wars demolish natural treasures like forests, wildlife, and rocks with explosives.

Even years after these explosives are released, they continue to degrade and pollute the water and soils with heavy metals and toxic materials inside them.


Neither does overpopulation arise from a single household, nor will it end at one. While the government has already taken the required steps and liberated measures to fight against overpopulation and educate people on its repercussions, it is time we, as a society, take it in our own hands and come together to put an end to this.

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