Why should you Utilise your Annual Leaves while Working?

In recent times, with the growth of more industries, the creation of jobs and services, and the age of thriving businesses and budding entrepreneurs, it is safe to say that the human population is more career driven. Both men and women take more time and put more effort in setting up their careers than anything else in their lives, which is also the workforce behind every functional public and private sector. However, no work can be completed appropriately, if there are no necessary breaks taken in between to recharge people who have been working diligently. To keep creativity and energy running, one needs to take a break which is the biggest reason employees must utilise their annual leaves.

Most employees worldwide do not take their annual leaves while they go on a work frenzy. Here are some of the potential reasons that annual leaves are not utilised.

●        Excessive workload

Most employees are under a truckload of pressure at their workplace which does not let them focus on anything other than their jobs. Work must be completed before the deadlines, specific targets to achieve incentives, and even promotions are thoroughly based on performance. In this rush, taking a break from work is a far-fetched dream for most employees, and that probably does not even cross their minds.

●        Consequent guilt trips

Employees refrain from taking breaks to avoid the consequent guilt trips they are on for missing work hours. This way, they cannot concentrate on themselves or anything they do during their breaks as they constantly fret over lost work hours and responsibilities being piled up. Neither it lessens any stress acquired from work, nor this attitude which amplifies stress.

●        Family issues

Spending a huge chunk of the day at work means most people avoid common issues that arise between family members, including sensitive issues that are hard to talk about. On taking leaves, most of us have to face these issues at home, and because of the fear of getting entangled in them we avoid taking leaves. Many people choose work over familial chaos these days to keep themselves from excess stress.

We must understand that running away from such issues isn’t going to resolve these issues. One must take time for such responsibilities as well and work these out. 

In fact, we must admit that periodic leaves not only help us be a better human in personal life but also significantly improve productivity and quality of work. Some of the prime benefits of period leaves have been enlisted below.

●        Increases the productivity

Regular breaks from work have shown a drastic increase in productivity based on statistical research. Employees understand the work given to them better, can be more creative when completing projects, and are faster in completing them.

●        Enhances mental health

Employees with better work-life balance have a healthy family life and can provide enough time for their family members. People can equally devote time to families, friends and for themselves. They are also more healthy and are less likely to call in sick.

●        Better life standards

Leaves are necessary for each one of us to explore more opportunities. Pursuing hobbies and interests is crucial as they enhance our creative ideas and show you where your hearts will lie. To break the monotonous work-life patterns, vacations are essential.

Here are some basic things you can do to coax yourselves to take the much-needed break for your body and mind

●   Schedule vacations as they commit you to take leaves as you can’t cancel tickets just like that on a whim.

●   You can involve close family members who can plan family outings so that you are forced to take leaves

●   The eldest family member can order to confiscate laptops and mobile phones for a day in the week, to spend a device-free day socialising with family members and friends.

●  Engage in hobbies like cooking, gardening, and reading, etc. They are perfect distractions and are productive and demanding in nature. Such activities would successfully keep you away from work.

●   You can also concentrate on catching up on all the lost sleep under work pressure on an off day.

Final Thoughts

A healthy work-life balance is one of the prime requirements of an individual’s life, and one must try to keep themselves healthy for a better career and a prosperous family life. Your success needs to be shared, cherished, and enjoyed, but you will be unable to achieve  it in a burnout situation. So, take out time for yourself and expand your skill set. 

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Author- Adesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author, and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well-being and betterment of society as a whole

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